Welcome to Disa's localization efforts for translations.

Any questions on a string? Please use the integrated comment system for said string, or email us at info@disa.im if it's especially important (please avoid this option unless your message is really long!). We'll be sure to explain it more in-depth.

Please note that we're looking for contextual translations, not literal. In other words, we’re looking for the best possible translation in the context of how the string is being used within Disa. If you're not 100% sure on a string, leave a comment on it, or leave it for someone else to do.

Happy translating!


Project Words
#14571 Core App
3,828 Last update: Oct 18, 12:22
#14748 Google Play
591 Last update: 6 months ago
#127597 Core App Forms
138 Last update: Oct 15, 08:43
#127600 Telegram Service
668 Last update: Oct 16, 15:54

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